What should I do to prepare for my scheduled services?

We ask that each customer removes all personal belongings and trash prior to scheduled services.

How often should I detail my vehicle?

Detail Kingz recommends that each vehicle be washed at least once a week and waxed once a month using a quality carnauba wax. A quality spray wax can be used for the washes in between to maintain the protection of your investment. Interior can be quickly done once a week to keep maintenance and time short or as needed.

Does Detail Kingz offer a monthly service?

Yes, Detail Kingz does offer a monthly service.
Our monthly service pricing is dependent upon a short consultation with Jeremy to understand their Detailing needs and vehicle activity as well as assessment of the vehicle's current condition.

Is there a Cancellation Policy or fee?

Yes, you can find that information on our Policies page.

What are the driving conditions of the vehicle?

If the vehicle is driven lightly on the road, is a weekend driver, garage kept and typically out of harsh elements, Carnauba Wax is the best product for this type of vehicular activity.
If the vehicle is your Daily Driver, see's a lot of time on the road, and kept outside in the elements, Paint Sealants are the recommended product for this type of vehicle activity.
Paint Sealants are more durable than Waxes.



What is "Proper Detailing” technique?

Proper Detailing technique starts with the knowledge and understanding of each product and tool as well as their capabilities. This ensures that each customer's investment receives the maximum quality of service and is protected throughout the service(s).

How often should Waxes and Sealants be applied?

Waxes should be applied once, every 4 to 6 weeks. Sealants should be applied once, every 8 to 16 weeks.

What is Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba Wax also called Brazil Wax and Palm Wax is a wax of the leaves of the palm Copernicia.
Copernicia leaves are dried, beaten to loosen the wax and then refined.
Carnauba Wax provides protection to the surface from UV rays and acid rains. 
Carnauba Wax produces a glossy finish.

What is Spray Wax?

Spray Wax is a protective product in a liquid form, composed of water with oils and wax content.
Spray Wax can last 1 to 2 months dependent upon environmental conditions.

What is Paint Sealant?

Paint Sealants are silica based and designed to protect the surface from ultra-violet rays and acid rain.
Paint Sealant actively works to fill in the pores and irregular surfaces of the body.
Paint Sealant creates a smooth finish.

What are the differences between Carnauba Wax and Spray Wax?

Carnauba Wax is organic.
Paint Sealant is composed of synthetic materials.
Carnauba Wax offers stronger protection properties than Paint Sealants, but Carnauba Wax will not last as long as Paint Sealants.
Most waxes last 3 to 8 weeks and most sealants last up to 6 months.
Both provide protection to the surface from ultra-violet rays and acid rains.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer, premium wax alternative, that is applied by hand.
Ceramic Coating creates a semi-permanent bond with the exterior of a paints surface.
Ceramic Coating does not wash away or break down easily and does not require repeated application in comparison to wax or sealants.
Ceramic Coating typically lasts 1 to 3 years depending on the prep work completed prior to application and the proper care of the vehicle after the application.
Wax or sealants can be applied over the ceramic coating.

What is a Dual Action Polisher?

A Dual Action Polisher is a hand-held polishing machine that uses a circular motion combined with a spinning motion to create a rational double action to improve the performance and results of polishing. This tool can be used to apply wax and due to its versatility can be used to do paint corrections and remove paint defects paired up with the right pad and compounds. It doesn't require as much skill to use as a Rotary Polisher.

What is a Rotary Polisher?

A Rotary Polisher is a hand-held machine that uses one particular motion to create a polishing effect.
This tool is used for mostly paint correction and defects.
It requires slightly more skill than what’s required to use the Dual Action Polisher.

What is a Carpet Extractor?

A Carpet Extractor is an electric powered carpet cleaning machine that uses hot water and detergent as well as a strong suction to extract deeply embedded dirt.

What are Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is finer than one denier (a measurement of woven fabric) that is created from polyester or polyamide material. 'Microfiber' fibers are split and woven to create absorbent towels.

It is imperative that microfiber towels are new for each detail to ensure the protection of each detail. 
Detail Kingz uses multiple fresh microfiber towels on each detail to protect your investment from cross-contaminants and paint scratches.

What are Clay Bars, Clay Mitts and Clay Discs?

A Clay Bar is a resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of car paint, glass, fiberglass, metal, ETC. Clay Bars also come in different grams: light, medium, heavy.
A Clay Lubrication is highly recommend with the use of all three types of Clay options.

Clay Mitt and Clay Disc have the same essentials as a Clay Bar.
Clay Mitts have the resin compound attached to the Mitts.
Clay Discs have the resin compound attached to the Discs.